posted Sep 12, 2012, 10:02 AM by Sachchida Ojha
The dca_shutdown utility will safely power down all servers in a DCA. The utility can be run with no parameters, and will use the system inventory generated by DCA Setup during an installation or Regenerate DCA Config Files operation. If the utility is run with a hostfile or hostname specified, only those hosts will be shutdown. This utility will not shut down the administration, Interconnect or aggregation switches.
The utility should be run as the user root. Prior to running the dca_shutdown, the following steps should be performed to ensure a clean shutdown:
1.Stop Greenplum Database:
$ gpstop -af
2.Stop Command Center:
$ gpcmdr --stop
3.Stop health monitoring as the user root:
$ su -
# dca_healthmon_ctl -d


dca_shutdown { -f hostfile | -h hostname } [ --ignoredb ] [ --password= password ] [ --passfile= password_file ] [--statusonly]
dca_shutdown --help

-?, --help
Print usage and help information
-i, --ignoredb
Do not check if Greenplum Database, health monitoring or Command Center are running. Shut down all servers immediately.
-h, --host hostname
Perform a shutdown on the host specified.
-f, --hostfile hostfile
Perform a shutdown on the hosts listed in the hostfile. This option can not be used with the --host option.
-p, --password password
Specify a password to connect to the server’s IPMI (iDRAC) to perform the shutdown. The password is originally set during installation with DCA Setup - if an installation through DCA Setup has never been run, the user will be prompted for a password.
-s, --passfile password_file
Specify a file containing the password to use to connect to the server’s IPMI (iDRAC) to perform the shutdown. This file is generated during installation with DCA Setup, and is located in /opt/dca/etc/ipmipasswd.
-o, --statusonly
Print the power status (ON | OFF) of all servers. This will not power off any servers.

Shut down all servers in a DCA:
Shut down servers listed in the file hostfile:
dca_shutdown -f /home/gpadmin/gpconfigs/hostfile