What are the key features of the EMC Greenplum DCA?

posted Sep 14, 2012, 7:34 AM by Sachchida Ojha   [ updated Sep 21, 2012, 12:23 PM ]
The EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA) is a purpose-built appliance that delivers a fast-loading, highly scalable and  parallel computing platform for next generation data warehousing and analytics. The Appliance architecturally integrates database, computing, storageand network resources into an enterprise-class, easy-to-implement system.

The DCA offers the power of MPP architecture, delivers the fastest data loading capacity in the industry, and the best price to performance ratio without the complexity and constraints of the propitiatory hardware.

Key Feature of the DCA

1. DCA uses Greenplum database software, which is based on MPP architecture. The MPP harnesses the combined power of all available compute servers to insure maximum performance.

2. Greenplum database software supports incremental growth (scale-out) of the data warehouse through its ability to automatically redistribute existing data across newly added computing resources.

3. The base architecture of the Greenplum DCA is designed with scalability and growth in mind.  This enables organisations to easily extent their DW/BI capability in a modular way; linear gains in capability and performance are achieved with minimal downtime. All modules are linked via a high-speed, high-performance, low-latency interconnect.

4. The DCA employs a high-speed interconnect Bus that provides database-level communications between all servers in the DCA. It is designed to accommodate access for rapid backup and recovery, and data load(ingest) rate.

5. Excellent performance is provided by effective use of combined power of server, software, network, and storage resources.

6. The DCA can be installed and available on-site with in 24 hours of the customer receiving delivery.

7. The DCA uses cutting-edge, industry-standard commodity hardware rather than specialized or propitiatory hardware.

8. The DCA is offered in multiple-rack-appliance configuration to achieve the maximum flexibility and scalability for organisations  faced with terabyte to petabyte-  scale data opportunities.