What's new in Greenplum Data Computing Appliance

posted May 9, 2013, 10:21 AM by Sachchida Ojha
EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance (DCA) is a self-contained data warehouse solution that integrates all of the database software, servers, and switches necessary to perform big data analytics. It is a turn-key, easy-to-install data warehouse solution that provides rapid query and loading performance for analyzing large data sets stored in the Greenplum Database.
DCA software and earlier, run on hardware from Dell, Broadcom, and Allied Telesis. DCA 1.x.x.x software does not run on DCA UAP Edition hardware. DCA 2.0.x.x software
supports DCA UAP Edition hardware.

Resolved Issues in DCA Software
This section lists issues that are resolved in DCA software

DCA-5198 Version upgrade
Upgrades to version was not supported on Hadoop servers.
The DCA software upgrade was not supported in DCAs that contained servers imaged and configured as Hadoop servers. The upgrade pre-check failed if Hadoop servers are specified in the hostfile during the upgrade.

DCA-5537, Missing mailx rpm component

DCA-5044 The upgrade removed the mailx rpm (software component) from the distribution. This resulted in errors when using the gpcrondump utility with mail notification. The package has been re-added to the distribution with this release.

DCA-5387 Hadoop / JAVE JRE version incompatibility issue  After the JAVA JRE version was upgraded to 1.6.0_31, there was an incompatibility issue with Hadoop. The Hadoop configuration file has been updated to use the correct version Java JRE (1.6.0_31)

Known Issue in DCA

DCA-6096 Pre and Post login banners are not ported to new hosts.  After setting the pre and post login banners (Security Settings), if you then expand the DCA, those messages are not automatically set on the new hosts.

DCA-6081 Misleading URL given for new Command Center instance.

6138 After successfully setting up a new instance of Command Center you will see a message including the URL to the Command Center Console. The URL will not work, the correct URL for your new instance must be a fully qualified domain name.

DCA-6133 Error when setting up a new instance of Command Center In rare circumstances when keys have been manually removed or altered in the known hosts file, attempts to set up a new instance of Command Center will fail. Workaround: Perform Exchange Keys from the DCA_SETUP menu before setting up the new instance.

DCA-6009, Incompatibility with Greenplum Database 

MPP-19551 Due to the upgrade to RHEL 5.9, this release of DCA is not compatible with Greenplum Database version 4.2.1; you must upgrade to Greenplum Database version 4.2.4.

DCA-6078 Enhanced security login feature only applies to new users The new dca_setup feature for enhanced security logins only applies to new users. The change in settings does not impact old users.

For further details read  EMC Greenplum Data Computing Appliance Release Notes