posted Sep 17, 2012, 9:41 AM by Sachchida Ojha

1. RAPID DEPLOYMENT AND PREDICTABLE PERFORMANCE : The Greenplum Data Integration Accelerator is a purpose-built, open systems data accelerator
that architecturally integrates Greenplum data loading software (gpfdist), server, storage and networking into a single, easy-to-implement system. The packaging and pre-tuning ensures predictable performance, while dramatically simplifying your data loading activates, resulting in reduced administration overhead.

2. TIGHTLY INTEGRATED WITH THE DATA COMPUTING APPLIANCE FAMILY: The DIA was designed for tight integration with the DCA family of data warehousing and analytic appliances. Removing the need for custom solutions and non-supported hardware, the DIA enables an end-to-end solution with a single support and management infrastructure. By leveraging a common 10 GB/s Ethernet network, the DIA enables the fastest data loading directly into the DCA segment servers.

3. ENGINEERED FOR PARALLEL EXECUTION OF DATA LOADING: The DIA, combined with the Greenplum DCA manages the flow of data into all nodes of the
appliance using the EMC Greenplum’s MPP Scatter/Gather Streaming™ (SG Streaming) technology. The system uses a “parallel-everywhere” approach to loading, in which data flows from all the nodes on the DIA to every segment server of the database without any sequential choke points. The combined solution achieves loading speeds of more than 10 terabytes per hour, two- to five-times faster than other appliance solutions.

4. ENTERPRISE HIGH AVAILABILITY: The Greenplum DIA is a system that meets the reliability requirements of the most mission- critical enterprises with data availability consisting of RAID protection at the disk level. This provides no data loss when losing a disk within any server.

5. GREENPLUM PERFORMANCE MONITOR: The DIA is managed via the Greenplum Performance Monitor application that provides a single view of the Data Computing Appliance and the Data Integration Accelerator from a single management console. The system includes Secure Remote Support (call home) and provides email and SNMP notification in the case of any event needing attention.

6. PROACTIVE EMC ONE SUPPORT STRUCTURE: EMC Customer Support Services provides resources and services to quickly and proactively resolve solution-related issues and questions to ensure business continuity and a highly- available data environment. EMC’s global maintenance and support is available
around-the-clock via comprehensive online support tools including Live Chat and online service request management, Secure Remote Support (call home), live telephone support, and onsite support through the industry’s leading global field service organization.