How the DIA servers can be configured as a grid for the Informatica Enterprise Grid option

posted Sep 14, 2012, 6:22 AM by Sachchida Ojha
DIA servers as nodes in Informatica PowerCenter Grids

You can configure the DIA servers as nodes in an Informatica PowerCenter Grid, to make use of the many beneficial features of the Informatica Enterprise Grid Option, such as:

1.  adaptive load balancing
2.  high availability
3.  dynamic partitioning

The Informatica Enterprise Grid Option is an extra-cost option which you can separately purchase from Informatica.

When you configure the DIA servers into a grid, you can configure workflows and sessions to run on the grid. You can run a workflow, or a session on the grid.
When you run a workflow on a grid, the PowerCenter Integration Service runs a service process on each available DIA server in the grid, to load balance, and increase the performance and scalability of the computing processes.

When you run a session on a grid, the Integration Service distributes session threads to multiple Data Transformation Manager (DTM) processes on DIA
servers in the grid.

To set up the DIA servers as a PowerCenter Grid, you use the Administrator’s Console, and create a new Grid option for the domain you are using (see figure below.)

Note: To run workflows on a PowerCenter grid, you must have the Server grid option. To run sessions on a grid, you must have the Session on Grid option.

The Enterprise Grid option is useful when handling mission-critical,enterprise-wide data integration from a single platform. An example of where a grid may be useful is when a workflow has many  sessions that must be completed at the same time. Running this workflow on a single node will force it to run serially, sacrificing performance and usability. When this workflow is run on a grid, the sessions can be distributed to all the available nodes in the grid, according to the computing and memory resources required, ensuring maximum performance and maximum return of investment.

The DIA servers, combined with the massively-parallel processing databases in the DCA, are perfectly configured to be uses as nodes in a PowerCenter grid. The scalability nature of the DIA allows you to add power and performance to your Informatica grid when more performance is needed for your data integration projects.