Using PWX Adapter for Informatica on the DIA servers

posted Sep 14, 2012, 6:18 AM by Sachchida Ojha
Once the Integration servers are set up, you can read and write Greenplum database data using an ODBC (Open DataBase Connectivity) driver. For example, you may use the Progress Software Data Direct ODBC drivers to fetch meta data or write data to a Greenplum database, or you may use an open source psqlODBC PostgreSQL ODBC driver. The Greenplum connectivity package also provides the psqlODBC drivers for use with the PWX adapter. There are some commercial PostgreSQL ODBC drivers that may be suitable as well. All will perform adequately for read and write operations to Greenplum databases.

For the best data loading performance, EMC suggest you consider using the Greenplum PWX Adapter. The PWX Adapter will call the gpload utility, which is another EMC Greenplum utility. gpload will read the format of the source file, and create a control file using YAML syntax, and start a gpfdist session. It will then create an external table, and insert the data into the Greenplum target using gpfdist.

In order to use the PWX Adapter, you will need to install at the DIA server:

1. PWX Adapter
2. Loaders package and optionally,
3. Connectivity package

All three packages must be installed with the appropriate version level, depending on the Informatica version number, the operating systems platform on which it is running, and the Greenplum version number.

Once the PWX Adapter is installed, and registered at the Repository server, you can then start loading data, without using the ODBC drivers.