Greenplum DBA - Database connectivity tools and security settings

Greenplum provides database drivers and a C API for connecting to Greenplum Database. Following connectivity tools are provided. Installing and configuring these connectivity tools are posted on and available to registered user only.

• psqlODBC
• PostgreSQL JDBC Interface
• libpq

These are supported on the following platforms:
• RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.0
• RedHat Enterprise Linux 5.0 (64-bit only)
• Solaris 10 x86
• Solaris 10 for SPARC
• Solaris 9 for SPARC (32-bit only)
• Solaris 8 for SPARC (32-bit only)
• Mac OS X
• SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (64-bit only)

psqlODBC is the official PostgreSQL ODBC Driver. The driver is currently maintained by a number of contributors to the PostgreSQL project at It is developed and supported through the mailing list. psqlODBC is released under the Library
General Public Licence, or LGPL.
PostgreSQL JDBC Interface
The PostgreSQL JDBC interface is the official PostgreSQL JDBC driver. The driver is currently maintained by a number of contributors to the PostgreSQL project at JDBC is a core API of Java 1.1 and later. It provides a standard set of interfaces to SQL-compliant databases. PostgreSQL provides a type 4 JDBC driver. Type 4 indicates that the driver is written in Pure Java, and communicates in the database system’s own network protocol. Because of this, the driver is platform independent; once compiled, the driver can be used on any system. The PostgreSQL JDBC Interface has not been modified from the original PostgreSQL distribution.
libpq is the C application programmer’s interface (API) to PostgreSQL (and Greenplum Database). libpq is a set of library functions that allow client programs to
pass queries to the PostgreSQL backend server and to receive the results of these queries. For more information on using libpq, see libpq - C Library in the PostgreSQL documentation.