Greenplum Command Center

posted Sep 11, 2012, 8:19 AM by Sachchida Ojha

Greenplum Command Center allows administrators to collect query and system performance metrics from a running Greenplum Database system. Monitor data is stored within Greenplum Database.

Greenplum Command Center is comprised of data collection agents that run on the master host and each segment host. The agents collect performance data about active queries and system utilization and send it to the Greenplum master at regular intervals. The data is stored in a dedicated database on the master, where it can be accessed using the Greenplum Command Center (a web application) or using SQL queries.

Greenplum Command Center is a browser-based application where administrators can view active and historical query and system metrics stored in the gpperfmon database. By default, Greenplum Command Center is installed on the Greenplum Database master host using HTTP port 28080. It can be accessed through a browser using a URL such as To log in to Greenplum Command Center, your Greenplum Database administrator must assign you a username and password (or see the Greenplum Command Center Administrator Guide for instructions on granting access).