Greenplum Database System Catalogs

posted Sep 11, 2012, 8:34 AM by Sachchida Ojha

Greenplum Database stores metadata information about the database system in special tables and views within the database called system catalogs. Database superusers can access the information in these catalogs using SQL commands. The following is a list of helpful system catalogs that administrators can query to check database activity and system status. For more information on these system catalogs, see the Greenplum Database Administrator Guide.

Useful Greenplum Database System Catalogs
Catalog Name                    Description
        Shows status and activity for a workload management resource queue. It shows how many queries are waiting to run and how 
                                          many queries are currently active in the system from a particular resource queue.
pg_stat_activity              Shows one row per master database process, showing the database name, process ID, user name, current query, query’s waiting 
                                          status, time at which the current query began execution, time at which the process was started, and client’s address and port number.
pg_stat_last_operation  Shows the last time certain database operations were performed on a database object, for example, the last time a table was