Restoring a Greenplum Database Using gpdbrestore

posted Sep 12, 2012, 2:10 PM by Sachchida Ojha
The gpdbrestore utility is a wrapper around gp_restore, which provides some convenience and flexibility in restoring from a set of backup files created by gpcrondump. To do a restore using gpdbrestore, you must have:

1.Backup files created by a gpcrondump operation.

2.The Greenplum Database system up and running.

3.A Greenplum Database system with the exact same number of primary segment instances as the system that was backed up.

4.The database you are restoring to is created in the system.

To restore from an archive host using gpdbrestore

(This procedure assumes your backup set has been moved off of your Greenplum array to another host in the network)

1.First, make sure that the archive host is reachable from the Greenplum master host:

$ ping archive_host

2.Make sure the database you are restoring to has been created in the system. For example:

$ createdb database_name

3.From the master, run the gpdbrestore utility. For example (where -R specifies the host name and path to a complete backup set):

$ gpdbrestore -R archive_host:/gpdb/backups/archive/20080714