Greenplum Database Management Utilities

posted Feb 7, 2014, 3:53 PM by Sachchida Ojha
1. gpactivatestandby: Activates a standby master host and makes it the active master for the Greenplum Database system.
2. gpaddmirrors: Adds mirror segments to a Greenplum Database system that was initially configured without mirroring.
3. gpbitmapreindex: Rebuilds bitmap indexes after a 3.3.x to 4.0.x upgrade.
4. gpcheck: Verifies and validates Greenplum Database platform settings.
5. gpcheckperf: Verifies the baseline hardware performance of the specified hosts.
6. gpcrondump: Writes out a database to SQL script files. The script files can be used to restore the database using the gpdbrestore utility. The gpcrondump utility can be called directly or from a crontab entry.
7. gpconfig: Sets server configuration parameters on all segments within a Greenplum Database system.
8. gpdbrestore: Restores a database from a set of dump files generated by gpcrondump.
9. gpdeletesystem: Deletes a Greenplum Database system that was initialized using gpinitsystem.
10. gpdetective: Collects diagnostic information from a running Greenplum Database system.
11. gp_dump: Writes out a database to SQL script files, which can then be used to restore the database using gp_restore.
12. gpexpand: Expands an existing Greenplum Database across new hosts in the array.
13. gpfdist: Serves data files to or writes data files out from Greenplum Database segments.
14. gpfilespace: Creates a filespace using a configuration file that defines per-segment file system locations. Filespaces describe the physical file system resources to be used by a tablespace.
15. gpinitstandby: Adds and/or initializes a standby master host for a Greenplum Database system.
16. gpinitsystem: Initializes a Greenplum Database system using configuration parameters specified in the gpinitsystem_config file.
17. gpload: Runs a load job as defined in a YAML formatted control file.
18. gplogfilter: Searches through Greenplum Database log files for specified entries.
19. gpmapreduce: Runs Greenplum MapReduce jobs as defined in a YAML specification document.
20. gpmfr: Manages the Greenplum Database backup images that are stored on a local Data Domain system and a remote Data Domain system that is used for disaster recovery. Managed file replication is used for disaster recovery by the Data Domain Boost software option to transfer a backup image from one Data Domain system to another.
21. gpmigrator: Upgrades an existing Greenplum Database 4.1.x system without mirrors to 4.3.x.
Use gpmigrator_mirror to upgrade a 4.1.x system that has mirrors. Note: Using gpmigrator on a system with mirrors causes an error.
22. gpmigrator_mirror: Upgrades an existing Greenplum Database 4.1.x system with mirrors to 4.3.x. Use gpmigrator to upgrade a 4.1.x system that does not have mirrors. Note: Using gpmigrator_mirror on a system without mirrors causes an error.
23. gppkg: Installs Greenplum Database extensions such as pgcrypto, PL/R, PL/Java, PL/Perl, PostGIS, and MADlib, along with their dependencies, across an entire cluster.
24. gprecoverseg: Recovers a primary or mirror segment instance that has been marked as down (if mirroring is enabled).
25. gp_restore: Restores Greenplum databases that were backed up using gp_dump. The gp_restore utility is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. Use gpcrondump and gpdbrestore to backup and restore Greenplum databases.
26. gpscp: Copies files between multiple hosts at once.
27. gpseginstall: Installs Greenplum Database on segment hosts.
28. gpsnmpd: Reports on the health and state of a Greenplum Database system through SNMP.
29. gpssh: Provides ssh access to multiple hosts at once.
30. gpssh-exkeys: Exchanges SSH public keys between hosts.
31. gpstart: Starts a Greenplum Database system.
32. gpstate: Shows the status of a running Greenplum Database system.
33. gpstop: Stops or restarts a Greenplum Database system.
34. gpsys1: Displays information about your operating system.

Following utilities are deprecated as of Greenplum v 4.3

1. gpchecknet (deprecated)
2. gpcheckos (deprecated)
3. gprebuildsystem (deprecated)
4. gpsizecalc (deprecated)
5. gpskew (deprecated)