Using DELETE FORCE With RMAN Backups

posted Sep 16, 2010, 8:10 AM by Sachchida Ojha
It is possible for the RMAN repository to indicate that an object has one status while the actual status of the object on the media is different. For example, the RMAN repository says that a backup set is AVAILABLE when it is in fact no longer present on disk or tape (or missing from the media manager's catalog of the contents of tapes or other backup media). If you attempt to delete the object, then you receive a warning such as the following:
RMAN-06207: WARNING: 1 objects could not be deleted for DISK channel(s) due
RMAN-06208:          to mismatched status.  Use CROSSCHECK command to fix status
List of Mismatched objects
  Object Type   Filename/Handle
--------------- ---------------------------------------------------
Backup Piece    0id270ud_1_1

If you use the DELETE command with the optional FORCE keyword, RMAN deletes the specified backups, but ignores any I/O errors, including those that occur when a backup is missing from disk or tape. It then updates the RMAN repository to reflect the fact that the backup is deleted, regardless of whether RMAN was able to delete the file or whether the file was already missing. For example: