SYSAUX Tablespace

posted Feb 3, 2012, 11:22 PM by Sachchida Ojha   [ updated Feb 3, 2012, 11:24 PM ]
SYSAUX Tablespace was introduced in Oracle 10g. The SYSAUX tablespace is an auxiliary tablespace to the SYSTEM tablespace. Many database components use the SYSAUX tablespace as their default location to store data. Therefore, the SYSAUX tablespace is always created during database creation or database upgrade.
Unlike SYSTEM tablespace if SYSAUX tablespace is unavailable database will not go down but some of the features may not be available.

 Name                       Null?    Type
 ----------------------------------------- -------- ----------------------------
 OCCUPANT_NAME                        VARCHAR2(64)
 OCCUPANT_DESC                        VARCHAR2(64)
 SCHEMA_NAME                        VARCHAR2(64)
 MOVE_PROCEDURE                     VARCHAR2(64)
 MOVE_PROCEDURE_DESC                    VARCHAR2(64)
 SPACE_USAGE_KBYTES                    NUMBER

The SYSAUX tablespace provides a centralized location for database metadata that does not reside in the SYSTEM tablespace. It reduces the number of tablespaces created by default, both in the seed database and in user-defined databases.

During normal database operation, Oracle Database does not allow the SYSAUX tablespace to be dropped or renamed. Transportable tablespaces for SYSAUX is not supported.


-------------------------------- -------------------------------- ------------------
LOGMNR                 LogMiner                    8064
LOGSTDBY             Logical Standby                1408
SMON_SCN_TIME             Transaction Layer - SCN to TIME        3200

PL/SCOPE             PL/SQL Identifier Collection            1600
STREAMS              Oracle Streams                 1024
AUDIT_TABLES             DB audit tables                   0
XDB                 XDB                          131008
AO                 Analytical Workspace Object Tabl           46208

XSOQHIST             OLAP API History Tables               46208
XSAMD                 OLAP Catalog                    7488
SM/AWR                 Server Manageability - Automatic           73280
                  Workload Repository

SM/ADVISOR             Server Manageability - Advisor F        8448

SM/OPTSTAT             Server Manageability - Optimizer           14272
                  Statistics History

SM/OTHER             Server Manageability - Other Com        6144

STATSPACK             Statspack Repository                   0
SDO                 Oracle Spatial                    46016
WM                 Workspace Manager                3136
ORDIM                 Oracle Multimedia ORDSYS Compone         448

ORDIM/ORDDATA             Oracle Multimedia ORDDATA Compon           11584

ORDIM/ORDPLUGINS         Oracle Multimedia ORDPLUGINS Com           0

ORDIM/SI_INFORMTN_SCHEMA     Oracle Multimedia SI_INFORMTN_SC           0
                 HEMA Components

EM                 Enterprise Manager Repository               49280
TEXT                 Oracle Text                    3584
ULTRASEARCH             Oracle Ultra Search                   0
ULTRASEARCH_DEMO_USER         Oracle Ultra Search Demo User               0
EXPRESSION_FILTER         Expression Filter System            3712
EM_MONITORING_USER         Enterprise Manager Monitoring Us         512

TSM                 Oracle Transparent Session Migra           0
                 tion User

SQL_MANAGEMENT_BASE         SQL Management Base Schema            1728
AUTO_TASK             Automated Maintenance Tasks             320
JOB_SCHEDULER             Unified Job Scheduler                 448

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