What's new in Oracle 12c

New Features can be divided into following categories

1. Application Development related features
 a) Enhanced Developer Productivity with Oracle Application Express
 b) Enhanced Globalization Support
 c) Improved Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
 d) Import and Export of Workspace Manager Schema
 e) Performance Improvements to Workspace Operations and Views
 f) OCI/OCCI Enhancements
 g) Reduced Cost and Complexities of Migrating to Oracle
 h) Support .NET and Microsoft Development Community
 i) Support Java Development Community
2. Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing related features
 a) Oracle Advanced Analytics
 b) Oracle OLAP
 c) Partitioning Enhancements
 d) Performance With Zero Effort
3. Compression and Archiving related features
 a) Archiving - Database Hardening: Enable Flashback Data Archive (FDA) for Security-Related Application Tables, Flashback Data Archive Improvements
 b) Optimization for Flashback Data Archive History Tables
 c) Information Lifecycle Management
 d) SecureFiles Enhancements

4. Database Overall related features
  a) Integrate With Operating System Processor Groups
  b) Oracle Data Pump Support for Database Consolidation: Full Transportable
  c) Multitenant Architecture
  d) PDBs Backup and Recovery, PDBs Point-in-Time Recovery, PDBs Resource Plans
  e) Grid Scheduler
  f) Cloning a Database
  g) Utilities

5. High Availability related features
 a) Application Continuity
 b) Logical Replication
 c) Global Data Services
 d) Improved Resiliency
 e) Online Operations like Editioned and Noneditioned Objects, Enhanced Online DDL Capabilities, Invisible Columns, Move a Data File Online
 f) Oracle Data Guard Enhancements
 g) Data Guard Rolling Upgrade Enhancements
 h) Oracle Database Advanced Queuing Enhancements
 i) RMAN Enhancements

6. Manageability related features
 a) Database Performance Tuning - Enterprise Manager Database Express, PGA Size Limit, Real-Time Database Operations Monitoring, Resource Manager Runaway Query Management, Spot ADDM
 b) Database Testing
 c) Queryable Patch Inventory

7. Performance related features
 a) dvanced Network Compression
 b) Very Large Network Buffers
 c) Asynchronous I/O Control for Direct NFS Client
 d) Tracking I/O Outliers
 f) Hardware Optimizations - Multi-Process Multi-Threaded Oracle
 g) Improve Ease of Performance Out-of-the-Box - Ability to Specify NFS Version in Direct NFS Client

8. Oracle RAC and Grid Infrastructure related features
 a) Oracle ASM Enhancements - Oracle Flex ASM, Oracle ASM Shared Password File in a Disk Group, Oracle ASM Rebalance Enhancements, Oracle ASM Disk Resync Enhancements, Oracle ASM chown, chgrp, chmod and Open Files Support, Oracle ASM Support ALTER DISKGROUP REPLACE USER, Enterprise Manager Support for Oracle ASM Features
 b) Oracle ASM File Access Control on Windows
 c) Oracle ACFS Enhancements - Oracle ACFS Support for All Oracle Database Files, Oracle ACFS and Highly Available NFS, Oracle ACFS Snapshots Enhancements, Oracle ACFS Replication Integration with Oracle ACFS Security and Encryption, Oracle Audit Vault Support for Oracle ACFS Security and Encryption, Oracle ACFS Security and Encryption Features, Oracle ACFS File Tags for Grid Homes, Oracle ACFS Plug-in APIs, Enterprise Manager Support for Oracle ACFS New Features, Oracle ACFS Replication and Tagging on AIX, Oracle ACFS Replication and Tagging on Solaris
 d) Oracle Clusterware Enhancements
 e) Other Grid Infrastructure Enhancements - Grid Infrastructure Script Automation for Installation and Upgrade, Multipurpose Cluster Installation Support
 f) Oracle RAC Enhancements

9. Security related features
  a) Data Encryption, Hashing and Redaction - Support for Secure Hash Algorithm SHA-2 in Oracle Database
 b) Database Security Enhancements - Auditing Enabled By Default, Code-Based Security, Data Guard Support for Separation of Duty (SoD), Enhanced Security of Audit Data, Increased Security When Using SELECT ANY DICTIONARY, Last Login Time Information, Oracle Database Vault Mandatory Realms, Oracle Label Security Metadata Export and Import, Password Complexity Check, Privilege Analysis, Resource Role Default Privileges, Separation of Duty for Audit Administration, Separation of Duty for Database Administration, SYSBACKUP Administration Privilege
 c) Encryption Key Management Enhancements
 d) Improve Security Manageability, Administration and Integration
 e) Protect the Database Server From Outside
 f) Real Application Security
 g) Security Optimizations
10. Spatial and Graph related features

11. Unstructured Data related features
 a) Oracle Multimedia Enhancements
 b) Oracle Text Enhancements
 c) Oracle XML Enhancements
 d) Oracle XML Repository Enhancements

12. Upgrades related features
a) Enhanced Upgrade Automation
b) Parallel Upgrade

13. Windows related features
a) Support for Oracle Home User on Windows
b) Support of Oracle Home User for Oracle Net Services
c) Named User Support for Oracle RAC Services on Windows